We understand the vitality of Sales and Marketing department and its contribution towards the success of any hospitality project. Our team of specialists provides overall support services which are easy to implement and ensures optimum utilization of all the available resources. We enable our clients to reap maximum profit and maintain a growth escalation by using effective sales and marketing techniques.

We are there:

  • Right at initial phase, when planning and setting up the Sales and Marketing Structure and Process will kick start your company. Complete guidance at the Pre-opening stage.
  • Dedicated Resource/Task force backing to help set S&M systems and processes
  • Head your project with a provisional DOSM
  • An existing operational hotel with its own set of Sales and Marketing troubleshooting needs (Audit and re-engineering)

In pursuit of yielding more revenue and productivity from your hotel/resort throughout all seasons, it is of paramount importance to chalk out a blueprint of the functions and operations for all the departments. We therefore, assess your project’s potential and opportunities, anticipate the challenges and identify the scope of immediate growth. Accordingly we help to customize and tailor a plan along with guidelines, in advance for all divisions which can be referred to while finally setting up and smoothly embark on a ride that eventually can result in high profitability.

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